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Krabbers - This Message

Bela melodia, letra e notas fáceis.

Abaixo está o link para quem quiser adquirir no iTunes.
Krabbers - Off The Tube

Também disponibilizei a letra com as notas entre (parênteses).

Krabbers - This Message (Letra e cifras / lyrics and chords)

(c)I wish I could (f)write a song,(am)
good e(em)nough,
for the (f)world to sing a(c)long

(c)and if I could (F)write that (em)song
in a (f)language that the world would under(c)stand

and if they(am)
sing it e(c)nough
the (f)message might get (c)through
the (f)message that was
(c)only meant for (g)you

ever you are
no matter
how far
this messgae
was only meant for you

I hope your (c)smiling (f, am)
I hope your (em)worries are as (f)far away as (c)me
I hope your(c) happy
(f, am)I hope your (em)troubles are
as (f)far away as (g)they could ever be

I wish I could write a book
good enough for the world to want to read
if I did
would you take a look
would the words show
another side to me

and as you turn a page
a chapter has to end
before another chapter can begin
and if you
read it enough
the message might get through
the message that was
only meant for you

I hope your smiling
I hope your worries are as far away as me
I hope your happy
I hope your troubles are
as far away as they could ever be

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